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Unlike other companies and designers in the Czech Republic we do the following:

A mobile shop comes to you – nobody else will offer bigger selection in your house:

A designer Radomir Petroš brings several hundreds of fabrics in several thousands of colours for the meeting with you. it makes several large suitcases of samples. So you can choose from a huge number of samples at home – we can say that a shop comes to you for a few hours. If agreed designer also brings you samples and shading devices such as blinds, shutters, plissé, awnings, etc., and wallpaper, carpets and cornices. Offers in this amount are practically not performed by any other Czech company.

You can rely on a designer who has 20 years of experience in the Czech Republic:

Our designer Radomir Petroš has had twenty years of experience in the field and more than 1500 realized projects and satisfied customers. It is hard


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